Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA)

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Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture or ASHA-Kisan Swaraj network is a large informal network of organisations and individuals that initially came together in 2010 to organise a Kisan Swaraj Yatra, a nation-wide mobilisation to draw attention to issues pertaining to our FOOD, FARMERS, FREEDOM.
ASHA works with a mission to strengthen sustainable agricultural livelihoods and food diversity/safety/nutrition by re-orienting policies, practices and public consciousness, towards a holistic vision of social, environmental and economic justice as described in the Kisan Swaraj Neeti. It is a network that enables, and draws upon synergies of collective wisdom and action, based on mutual trust and respect.
From the dialogues that emerged during the Kisan Swaraj Yatra and subsequent work, ASHA articulates a 4-pillared Kisan Swaraj Neeti and calls on governments to adopt the same. The four pillars of Kisan Swaraj Neeti are (1) income security for farm households; (2) ecological sustainability of agriculture; (3) people’s control over agricultural resources like land, water and seed; and (4) access to safe, healthy, nutritious and sufficient food for all. The Kisan Swaraj Neeti is conscious of, and sensitive to structural issues of discrimination and marginalisation, and seeks to address those within this policy framework.

ASHA Letter to GoI on Direction & Partnerships of its Digital Push by Ministry of Agriculture

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———- Forwarded message ——— From: ASHA Kisan Swaraj <> Date: Wed, May 5, 2021 at 11:04 AM Subject: Direction and Partnerships of the digital push by the Ministry of Agriculture To: <> Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> 5th May 2021 To, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India. [...]

ASHA’s note on MSP as a legal entitlement for all Farmers

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MSP AS A LEGAL ENTITLEMENT FOR ALL FARMERS (You can download this document in its pdf version here) One of the key demands of the ongoing farmers’ agitation in India is related to statutorily guaranteed remunerative prices. Protesting farmers are demanding that the Minimum Support Prices actually accrue to them in a legally binding manner, [...]

ASHA’s note on GoI’s mandatory food fortification policies

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ASHA Position Paper on Mandatory Fortification of Foods in India This position paper has been written by the Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) in the context of mandatory fortification of foods like edible oil, milk and proposal for the same for rice in India. Whilst we agree with Food Safety and Standards Authority [...]

ASHA’s Note on GoI’s approach to Farmer Producer Organisations

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FPOs – Should they be Aggregating Agents of Agri corporations or Harbingers of Atma Nirbhar farming communities? “Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)” is a term applied to different kinds of collectivisation of farmers, which can take different legal forms or even remain as informal. Such collectives are meant to empower the member farmers, especially in terms [...]

Webinar on “Sustainable Solutions to Straw Burning Problem” on 7th Nov (Saturday) at 3.30 pm

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Webinar on “Sustainable Solutions to Straw Burning Problem” on 7th Nov (Saturday) at 3.30 pm The issue of straw/stubble burning and its impact on loss of soil fertility and adding to air pollution is a well-known issue and figures prominently in public debates at this time of the year annually. Many solutions are also being [...]

ASHA’s Response on FSSAI’s planned mandatory fortification of Edible Oil with Vitamin Aand Vitamin D and Rice with Vitamin B12, Iron and Folic Acid

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From: ASHA Kisan Swaraj <> Date: Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 10:43 AM Subject: ASHA’s Response on FSSAI’s planned mandatory fortification of Edible Oil with Vitamin Aand Vitamin D and Rice with Vitamin B12, Iron and Folic Acid To: <> Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> To, Shri Arun Singhal, FSSAI CEO [...]


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As a network working on sustainable farm livelihoods, the following is our analysis, mainly keeping farmers and stubble burning in mind. 1. Air quality, or conversely, air pollution is not majorly related to straw or stubble burning in agriculture. There are other factors that are contributing more significantly. Moreover, seen from the vantage point of [...]

ASHA feedback on proposed amendments to Organic Food Regulations 2017

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———- Forwarded message ——— From: ASHA Kisan Swaraj <> Date: Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 6:27 PM Subject: MoHFW/FSSAI’s draft amendmentF.No.Stds/Organic/Notification-01/FSSAI-2019 put out on 27th August2020 for amending the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulation 2017 To: <>, <> Cc: Kavitha Kuruganti <> To:                                                                                                                                 October 28th 2020 The Chief Executive Officer, Food Safety & [...]

Protection of Farmers’ Seed Rights – Webinar on October 30th 2020

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Webinar on Protection of Farmers’ Seed Rights in India on 30th Oct, 2020 (Friday) at 3.30 pm (India Time: UST +5.30) Abstract : Since the beginning of  agriculture,  farmers — mainly women — domesticated, developed and nurtured the seeds for agriculture to satisfy various needs of humans. Modern plant variety development technologies including manipulation at [...]

Declaration of the Online Seed Diversity Festival, Oct.24-25, 2020

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ONLINE SEED DIVERSITY FESTIVAL 2020 24-25 October 2020 Declaration Seed is the first and critical link in the food chain. It is a sacred code of evolution, an embodiment of life and memory, a latent world waiting to unfold, a symbol of humankind’s collective endeavour and innovation. The seed gives itself to earth – soil, [...]