ASHA Election Manifesto Demands….

9:52 am in News by Kavitha

Following are the various Election Manifesto related Demands that ASHA is putting forward to various political parties, on its own and along with other networks:

ASHA’s Demands from Election Manifestos of Political Parties: Downloadable here

“Reclaiming the Republic” (ASHA steering group members were involved in contributing to the Agriculture sections): Summary is downloadable here. Detailed blueprint for agriculture related Action Points is available here.

People’s Manifesto for a Just, Equitable & Sustainable India, from the constituents of Vikalp Sangam processes (ASHA is part of the core team): Downloadable here.

ASHA, being a constituent of the National Working Group of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) also contributed and supports the Manisfesto of Indian Farmers here: