Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA)

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ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture) is a large, nation-wide informal network of more than 400 organisations drawn from 20 states of India, that have come together in 2010 to organise a Kisan Swaraj Yatra, a nation-wide mobilisation to draw attention to issues pertaining to our FOOD, FARMERS, FREEDOM. The network consists of farmers’ organisations, consumer groups, women’s organisations, environmental organisations, individual citizens and experts who are committed to the cause of sustainable and viable farm livelihoods in rural India including by ensuring that productive resources are in the control of farming communities and thereby, safe, nutritious, diverse and adequate food for all Indians. From the dialogues that emerged during the Kisan Swaraj Yatra and subsequent work, ASHA articulates a 4-pillared Kisan Swaraj Neeti and calls on governments to adopt the same. This policy articulation provides a framework for a forward-looking agricultural policy approach for India. The four pillars of Kisan Swaraj are (1) income security for farm households; (2) ecological sustainability of agriculture; (3) people’s control over agricultural resources like land, water and seed; and (4) access to safe, healthy, nutritious and sufficient food for all. The work of ASHA is centred around (1) setting up ecological farming alternatives, building related capacities, working on marketing avenues for organic produce and campaigning for replicating support to ecological farming on a large scale, (2) to ensure seed diversity revival and secure seed self reliance and campaign for large scale scaling up of the efforts including through consumer awareness and empowerment, (3) watching out for any negative unsustainable approaches in Government of India’s BGREI programme (Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India) related to corporatisation of seed resources, chemicalisation of eastern Indian agriculture, water use intensification etc., (4) making a clear case for ensuring minimum living incomes for farm households and campaigning to achieve the same, (5) understanding and advocating a different dispensation to adivasi agriculture and food security, and (6) campaigning against hazardous agri-chemicals including pesticides and fertilisers through the India For Safe Food platform. A recent initiative has been to join hands with other like-minded groups to ensure women’s rights and visibility as farmers.  

Wheat Diversity Revival

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SAMPARK in Madhya Pradesh is helping in the conservation of 17 Wheat varieties in its campus (10 varieties) at Petalawad & with a farmer called Ramlal Patidar of Davri village in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. Ramlal Patidar is conserving 12 varieties. The varieties are–Amrit Godi, Banjhia, Bansi, Bhadra, Bundeli Kaithi, Gujraji, Java Godi, Kalibal, Khaira, Khapli, [...]

Kharif 2017 price policy formulation: Presentation to CACP

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PRESENTATION  22nd February 2017   The Chairman Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices Room No. 161 Krishi Bhawan New Delhi   Sir, Formulation of Price Policy for Kharif Crops for 2017-18 Season – Presentation on Behalf of Jai Kisan Andolan of Swaraj Abhiyan and Associated Farmers’ Organizations   Jai Kisan Andolan of Swaraj Abhiyan and associated farmers’ [...]

FARMERS’ HOPES DASHED: Nothing Pro-Farmer in Budget 2017 say Farmer Organizations

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Nothing to assure better income, nothing to lift them out of debt trap, nothing to even compensate their losses due to demonetization Despite the usual rhetoric from the government that the Budget if focused on farmers and rural poor, the nationwide ASHA-Kisan Swaraj alliance and other farmer organizations are highly disappointed to find nothing substantive [...]

Krishi Budget 2017-18: By Farmers, For Farmers

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(ASHA-Kisan Swaraj Alliance participated in the Kisan Sansad and provided inputs into the creation of this Krishi Budget)  KRISHI BUDGET 2017-18   Presented to the Second Kisan Sansad, Delhi 01 February 2017   CONTENTS   Subject Page Introduction 1-3 Raising Farm Income and Income Guarantee to Farmers 3-4 Remunerative and Universal Price Yield Assurance  (RUPYA) [...]

Open Letter to PM on Demonetisation Effects on Farmers

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To:                                                                                                          January 5th 2017 The Prime Minister, Government of India. Dear Prime Minister, Namaste! The signatories to this open letter to you represent lakhs of farmers of this country across various states and regions. We have been deeply distressed at the hardships that rural India in general, and farmers including agricultural workers have been going [...]


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In the immediate run, we demand an exemption from demonetization to all farm-related transactions. Demonetization impact on farming community has been very severe. This is the time of both kharif harvest and marketing, and rabi sowing and cultivation. Farmers are facing a serious hit on both fronts – with harvested crop piling up with the [...]

Assured Incomes for All Farm Households

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“Assured Incomes for all Farm Households”[1] Revitalising the Rural – Rethinking Rural and Agricultural Policies 27th–29th Sept. 2016, IIAS, Shimla   In contemporary India, it appears that the Rural is not changing as fast as the policy makers would like to, nor in the direction that they want. The largest number of workers in any [...]


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Green Manifesto for Punjab Agenda for Punjab’s  Prosperity, Food Safety, Health, Happiness and Sustainability   The main outcomes that are sought through this Green Manifesto are: Ensuring environmental sustainability and profitability in Punjab’s farming Revival, restoration and conservation of environmental resources including (ground) water and tree cover, and addressing the environmental crisis of the state [...]

Declaration of 3rd Kisan Swaraj Sammelan, Hyderabad

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DECLARATION OF 3RD KISAN SWARAJ SAMMELAN Hyderabad, April 3rd 2016   INCOME GUARANTEE, RIGHTS OVER RESOURCES & SUSTAINABILITY IN AGRICULTURE   We, the delegates of the 3rd Kisan Swaraj Sammelan in Hyderabad during April 1st to 3rd 2016, belonging to numerous people’s movements, farmers’ unions, farmers’ cooperatives, non-governmental organisations and national/regional/state level alliances working on [...]

Programme & Logistics Note: Kisan Swaraj Sammelan

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PROGRAMME SCHEDULE Day 1: April 1st 2016 9 am onwards: Registration 10.30 am to 12.30 pm * Welcome by Rythu Swarajya Vedika: Dr Rukmini Rao   * Welcome on behalf of Reception Committee: Shri Vadde Sobhanadreeswara Rao & Prof. Kodandaram   * Sharing about the ASHA journey so far: Representatives from each State   * [...]