Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA)

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ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture) is a large, nation-wide informal network of more than 400 organisations drawn from 20 states of India, that have come together in 2010 to organise a Kisan Swaraj Yatra, a nation-wide mobilisation to draw attention to issues pertaining to our FOOD, FARMERS, FREEDOM. The network consists of farmers’ organisations, consumer groups, women’s organisations, environmental organisations, individual citizens and experts who are committed to the cause of sustainable and viable farm livelihoods in rural India including by ensuring that productive resources are in the control of farming communities and thereby, safe, nutritious, diverse and adequate food for all Indians. From the dialogues that emerged during the Kisan Swaraj Yatra and subsequent work, ASHA articulates a 4-pillared Kisan Swaraj Neeti and calls on governments to adopt the same. This policy articulation provides a framework for a forward-looking agricultural policy approach for India. The four pillars of Kisan Swaraj are (1) income security for farm households; (2) ecological sustainability of agriculture; (3) people’s control over agricultural resources like land, water and seed; and (4) access to safe, healthy, nutritious and sufficient food for all. The work of ASHA is centred around (1) setting up ecological farming alternatives, building related capacities, working on marketing avenues for organic produce and campaigning for replicating support to ecological farming on a large scale, (2) to ensure seed diversity revival and secure seed self reliance and campaign for large scale scaling up of the efforts including through consumer awareness and empowerment, (3) watching out for any negative unsustainable approaches in Government of India’s BGREI programme (Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India) related to corporatisation of seed resources, chemicalisation of eastern Indian agriculture, water use intensification etc., (4) making a clear case for ensuring minimum living incomes for farm households and campaigning to achieve the same, (5) understanding and advocating a different dispensation to adivasi agriculture and food security, and (6) campaigning against hazardous agri-chemicals including pesticides and fertilisers through the India For Safe Food platform. A recent initiative has been to join hands with other like-minded groups to ensure women’s rights and visibility as farmers.  

Tribute to Dr Om Parkash Rupela: 1948-2015

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Dr Om Parkash Rupela: 1948-2015 There are hardly any words to describe the grief and great sense of loss that the entire community of organic farming/ecological agriculture movement in India is experiencing after hearing the news of the sudden and tragic demise of Dr O P Rupela, a friend and guide to hundreds in the movement. In [...]

Proceedings Report of the 5th National Organic Farming Convention

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You can read/download the Proceedings Report of the 5th National Organic Farming Convention here. This report prepared many months after the convention took place, has some sessions of the Convention undocumented, unfortunately (the proceedings from the session where a Grand Panel of Pioneering Organic Farmers responded to queries from the audience for hours, on Day [...]

Govt. Schemes That Can Be Used To Promote Organic Farming

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There are very few government schemes that are meant exclusively to promote organic farming in India. However, if there is a policy conviction and commitment, it is seen that various schemes that exist apart from the few exclusive schemes can indeed be used to support the promotion of organic farming practices on a large scale. [...]

Equitable & Effective Delivery of Agricultural Credit

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From ASHA, we had an opportunity to make a brief presentation to Dr Raghuram Rajan, Governor of Reserve Bank of India, on September 21st 2015, as part of a delegation put together by Bharat Krishak Samaj. The following was the submission from our side. Dear Sir, Sub: Concerns and suggestions with regard to access to [...]

Skillshare Course on “Organic Markets that Empower Farmers & Consumers”

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ASHA is receiving applications for a paid skillshare course on “Organic markets that empower farmers & consumers”, on September 27th and 28th 2015 in Chennai. The course fee covers accommodation, food and handouts during the course. You can learn more about the course and download the application form here.

Farmers’ delegation asks for a White Paper on status of land acquired in India so far

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A delegation of the All India Kisan Coordination Committee, an umbrella outfit of 65 farmers’ outfits, met with the Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley yesterday with regard to the Land Acquisition Ordinance (May 31st 2015) and the amendments Bill. One of the media reports is presented below. The memorandum submitted by the delegation to the [...]

LARR Second Amendment Bill 2015 dilutes the very objective of 2013 Act: Not acceptable

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ASHA sent its submission to the Joint Committee of the Parliament on the second amendment bill related to the land acquisition statute in India.                                                               [...]

Haryana Chief Minister releases new book from ASHA: Ecological Agriculture in India – Scientific Evidence on Positive Impacts

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ASHA, with help from Thanal, Living Farms, INSAF and Jatan Trust, came up with a new publication of more than 400 studies, peer-reviewed and published and mostly from the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in India, which shows the overwhelming evidence that already exists on the positive impacts of organic farming. Please note that we [...]

Pesticide Residues in Food Produce Sold as Organic

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Public Statement, put out on Jan.1st 2015 With reference to recent media reports about pesticide residues in food sold as organic, we – Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI) and Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) – note foremost that there is no dispute regarding the growing domestic demand for safe food by the [...]

“Forest Foods and Ecology”

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An appeal for a new consciousness of empathy and wise governance – to protect our rich natural heritage, culture, and harmonious collective future We, from numerous Adivasi and forest-dependent communities in India, along with people from different streams of society, gathered at the “Forest Foods & Ecology” Festival, December 12 to 14, 2014 at Sri [...]